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Lock Installation & Service

We can install, service, and retrofit locks for your container according to FF-L-2740B & FF-L-2937.  If you have a previous era Group 1 or 1R mechanical lock that is not approved under these specifications, we can retrofit a Kaba-Mas X Series or Sargent and Greenleaf 2740B or 2937 depending upon application to maintain compliance.

We can open and repair your GSA container or vault IAW FED-STD-809B, maintaining it's certification.

We service all types and classes of GSA containers.  From out of production Mosler products and Class 1-4 units, to modern IPS Containers, Files, and Modular Vaults, if you're having operational issues or need PM performed, we have you covered.

​​Whether you have experienced a lockout or need service on your container or vault door, look to Certified Safe and Vault Service LLC to keep your materials and items secure.  Call us today at 844-646-0826!

We have invested a great deal of time and money in our training and certification for service and inspections. 

Let our investment work for you!

Inspection for Re-Certification

If a GSA approved security container has had it's GSA Label removed or had modifications made to it outside FED-STD 809B, the container will require inspection before re-certification can be made.


Mandatory Inspection Intervals and Personnel Certification Requirements

Some Commands and Agencies are moving towards mandatory inspection intervals and also require certified personnel to service containers and vault doors.

We can conduct full, properly documented container and vault door inspections on your equipment to fulfill your requirements.

GSA Certified Safe & Vault Service

Container Inspections

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